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PeakDo provide the best wireless display solution. From phone/pc/game station to TV/projector/monitor. PeakDo works the same way like cable HDMI, but it is wireless. You can just plug and play your device without WIFI, software and latency.

PeakDo was founded in 2019. Bring the cutting-edge technology to everyone’s home. 60GHz mmWave technology could have a massive data load which is away more than 5GHz. 60GHz could easily transmit the raw video data without any processing. 60GHz mmWave technology is much more difficult to manage, but it comes lots of pros such as more data load, less interference.

The first product was developed in 2020, and it has been branched and  iterate to compact and 4k station series. There are more products are coming, and our goal is to bring the latest wireless technology to everyone.

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